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When the sun sets, the fun never stops and the nightlife just ignites among the dozens of clubs and trendy bars here. The combination of gorgeous beaches and good-looking crowds make the Spanish Mediterranean scene the number 1 hotspot for group holidays.
Your primary gateway to Spain is via Madrid-Barajas Airport. The airport can be reached via a fast rail line to the city. Taxis and buses also service routes to and from the airport.
The other Spanish airports are in Cuatro Viento, Madrid; in Alicante; in Menorca; in El Prat Barcelona; and in Los Rodeos and Reina Sofia, Tenerife.
You can fly Vueling Airlines, the leading Spanish low-cost airline; with a hub in Madrid, Vueling offers cheap flights to and from the city. The largest European low-cost airlines offering no-frills Madrid flights are Ryanair and easyJet, both of which are U. K.
Other smaller, budget-fare airlines servicing routes to Madrid include U. K. bmibaby and Jet2. Germanwings (Germany), as well as MyAir, an Italian carrier. Airberlin (Mallorca) is a low-cost airline that offers extra in-flight amenities in addition to its low-fare flights to and from Madrid.

Most major airlines offer economy class and premium economy class flights to and from Madrid.


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